Sunday 2 February 2020

February '20 Monthly Update

This will be the last Monthly Update you’ll be seeing, at least in this form. In fact, this month will be the last you’ll be seeing content added to here. None of this is going away, but instead migrating back to my website. Back in 2014, I had two Weebly sites. One for stories and one for the little used blog. However, I decided to migrate to using Blogger as it afforded an ease of access I felt I didn’t have at the time with Weebly.

Times change, and my website had already done so in 2017. Gone were the stories from it, instead being used as a showcase of all that I do. But the blog was separate from it, being hosted on Blogger. Despite efforts to link them closely together, I felt it hasn’t been that successful. Which is why a migration is happening again. All the posts that are here won’t be going anywhere but will be posted over to my website throughout this month.

While I won’t go into the details now, the labels I use will be seeing a change to sort the content easier. Articles on the site will be split, as they were before, into the headings that used to be put in the titles. Overall, I hope the viewing experience and navigation of content will be easier for you all once the change happens. There’s still a month of content to look out for here, though.

I only put out one of my gaming experiences posts last month, looking at Rush Rally 3. I had planned to put one out regarding Temtem, and another game, but pushed those to this month. There’s one other post regarding a third game I also expect to get out.

There was a bit of a Pokémon theme last month, with the Direct announcement and reveals giving something to talk about. It also allowed me to give a brief look at some new ideas for spin-off games within the franchise – which was originally going to be just one post looking at one of those ideas. Then there was the post about redesigning the Galar region.

This month, owing to a certain movie coming out, will see a Sonic the Hedgehog focus. I’ll be watching that movie and giving some thoughts on it, and just like last month I’ll have a post regarding some ideas for the games of the franchise. A third post is a maybe on if it will appear, depending on what else happens.

See, I’m expecting Nintendo to give us another Direct for this month. There will be a post regarding it, however, if a certain game gets announced there, an extra post will follow looking at a certain game I'm hoping to see a reveal. If not, it will be pushed to the next month.

The last post I’ll talk about will be a second look into the world I created for the GTA-verse. In December, I gave an overview of how the state of Herzan had been built. With the second post this month, I’ll be going into a bit more detail in regard to some of the locations, as well as tying it in a bit with the proper fictional state of Herzan I’ve been building. If you’ve read The Planning of the Stories Within Shorts of the Rula, you will have seen that I’ve got my own ideas for stories featuring this fictional state.

Those ideas won’t be seen yet, however, with the second within the Elemental Heroes series coming first. That one will be seeing the first preview next month. For stories in this month, the new chapter of Pokémon: Shadow Boom will arrive at the new date of the 25 of the month. As well as that, a new addition to The Alternate Extras of Halesowen will happen.

A new era of DarkRula Media is coming, and I hope you all will continue to enjoy the content on the new site. For the last time within one of these updates on this site, bye for now.

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