Wednesday 1 January 2020

January '20 Monthly Update

A Happy New Year to you all! 2019 was a great year, with 2020 already proving to be another great one. The reason for that won’t be appearing for a few days yet, but it does allow me to lead into the overall view of this year. I’m looking to expand my output on this blog by talking more about games I’m playing and the things I do within them. What I’m Waiting For does do that with certain few games, but never in enough detail. Indeed, the latest posted one looked at Jedi: Fallen Order and Daemon x Machina, but those were just two games out of the more than twenty I’ve played in 2019.

The posts about Farming Simulator in the last quarter of 2019 are the sort of posts I’m talking about doing more of. Stories relating to why I bought them and a general overview of what I’m finding good about the games that I’m playing. While I wouldn’t want to do more than two on any one game, there’s room for these sort of posts to link together with similar games or those within a series. They don’t even have to be of new games, just any that I’ve recently picked up and played.

Moonlit Critbit won’t go anywhere because of this, as it follows the first impressions/review format even if the recommendations such reviews have don’t follow at the end. Indeed, the one for Thrillville: Off The Rails last month was a pretty positive look at the game, and should be seen as encouraging people to check it out. The concepts I create are also not going anywhere, with a few lined up for this year already. I’m not revealing any now, but there is one coming this month. And that one from last month showing off a GTA-verse state of Michigan has been one of the largest yet. A second part to it will be following soon.

In terms of stories, I aim to get two out onto the Kindle Store this year, with Pokémon: Shadow Boom being finished on Wattpad and another starting up in the second half of the year. Elemental Heroes: Invasion of the Kri’tirs is now a priority, having seen a good amount of planning going into it. It will be a second quarter release, with the second Kindle release being something original and hitting in the last quarter. Scattered throughout the year will be additions to Shorts of the Rula and The Alternate Extras of Halesowen.

That’s the overview, but what specifically for this month? Well, in a few days I’ll be looking back at content released in 2019 in a highlights post, with one or more of the stories I posted getting some behind-the-scenes views. Then there’s the two posts already mentioned, with a new concept giving a new map not related to GTA. Instead, I’ll be putting focus onto a recent release whose map could have been better. And the real start of those casual experience posts will happen in this week.

There’s other things to come, such as posts about those events that have yet to be announced – such as a Nintendo Direct, as well as a few videos such as another GTA in winter and more footage of the latest Star Wars Battlefront. As I say, I want to expand the amount of content on this blog, and I should think I’ll be able to do just that during this year. I hope that both new and old fans alike will join me for the journey through 2020 and beyond. And remember, buying my books on the Kindle Store is the best way to support the content I put out, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them greatly.

Here’s to a great 2020 for everyone. Bye for now.

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