Tuesday 2 October 2018

October '18 Monthly Update [Network]

As explained in last month's update, delays will happen. And they have. A Look Inside the Morphing Grid will conclude this month. That is priority number one. This is the month I had labelled for the series to finish last year, and pushing it any further away is no longer an option. Second priority is getting the new series started. Animal Crossing was announced last month in the Nintendo Direct, and with Future of Mario Kart now finished, it allows me to start looking at ideas for a new series. Crossing to the New Life starts with a look at a general overview of improvements.

The Solo: A Star Wars Story review will be coming this month, with the last two Republic Commando reviews also falling into this month. Order 66 at the beginning, with 501st being at the end. I'm also going to be flexing my review skills to games again as I look at Forza Horizon 4.

This blog has undergone a slight theme change to bring it slightly closer to how the main site looks. I've also fixed up the labels, which I found to be getting out of hand. There were labels on some posts that had very little to do with the topic at hand, and - particularly with the reviews - stuffed full of labels to the point where the reasoning for including them stretched thin. The new system borrows from the blog archive on the main site, with just a primary and secondary label, with one or two tertiary labels if needed. That also allowed me to remove the post sorting by month and year to use those labels as a sorting method instead - again like on the main site.

I realise that I said videos would happen and they didn't, but this month I am sure to have some up. Forza Horizon 4 provides plenty of opportunities to do so. I want to get a Mario Kart Monday video up to see how sixteen races put together looks. And I think it's about time I put another Star Wars Battlefront video up.