Tuesday 1 July 2014

July's Journey and Beyond [Network]

Now then. I've been busy. Busy sorting out Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles and The Chameleon Chronicles with story outlines so I'm not wondering in the dark about what to add next. As such, new parts can now be added easier by following those outlines. You can expect new parts to be added sometime today or tomorrow for both.

For the last few months now, I've been talking up how TV and Film Residential Camp would be retooled as an eBook on the Amazon Store. Don't get me wrong, it's a good story. But as I read through it, it isn't exactly following consistency. However, I've had a novel I've been building up ideas for for over five years now, and have numerous builds of it. And so that is now the one that will be my first eBook, while TV and Film gets put on hold and goes through the same revision process as this new novel.

Now that it is July, I will be starting working on animation. While these won't be full on projects, rather minute or two shorts, I will keep improving quality with each one. And each one will also focus on an aspect of animation, whether that be camera, movement, talking, etc. This also gives me the chance to fully use Toon Boom Studio, and work on mastering it.

Meanwhile, the two channels I have posted under the contacts list have been merged. All videos from the KronaChameleon channel have been moved under the Academic Works banner of the main channel, iDarkRula. Both Animation and Academic Works banners will get use over the next few years, and both will be benefitting together. The first year of my university life came to a close beginning of May, and out of that came two animation productions. While this was only a foundation art course, I was still able to use animation within my works. These two will be uploaded soon, and while different in design, are the same in a number of ways.

Also, as I'm sure Youtubers have seen, I've been very busy on Mario Kart 8 over the month since its release. Already, my channel has twelve highlight reels uploaded from MKTV. And as such, I decided to create one new channel. This channel will have one purpose. To hold all further uploaded Mario Kart 8 highlight reels. The twelve on iDarkRula will stay where they are, but with the new channel of iDarkRula's MKTV, no more highlight reels will be popping on the main channel.

Lastly, uploads will be silent between 7/7 [Monday] and 11/7 [Friday]. I'll be making a point of planning numerous silent periods, usually only a couple of days, just so I can get down to some ideas planning, as well as other things.

I will make sure the uploads of Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles and The Chameleon Chronicles are as frequent as possible, whether only one gets an upload or both, and expect the first teaser of that new novel soon. I'm unsure when the first animation will be uploaded, but it will be after the first silent period.