Saturday 2 August 2014

August Blooms [Network]

I don't think this update will be quite as big as the other two. Reason why is - there just isn't much to be said for this month.

Yes, I've been pretty lax on the animation front as, while I've had a few ideas, nothing concrete has been planned. This month though, I aim to really start getting on with it. There was something within my high school years that I made but the files were lost. I aim to try and recreate that as best as I can. But I won't just be doing that. I still will aim for those smaller side projects too.

In terms of uploads for this month, I expect to get the usual fan-fic part uploads out roughly every two days. This month will be the one where those two animated university works I mentioned last month will be uploaded. And the teaser for the eBook will also be uploaded this month as well. Mario Kart 8 highlight reels will continue to be uploaded as per normal.

And now, I bring on the last point for this month. I will still be keeping CDS Blogs from Weebly open, but there will be no more uploads to be had there. All uploads will be in here, with the main point of the post bracketed in the title. When I get an upload up tomorrow, talking about something I've seen numerous times - and my opinions on it, I think you'll see why that is happening.

I might also change this blog page up a bit as well. But I'll have to see about that one. For now, just keep looking out for new content.