Tuesday 27 May 2014

First Post News [Network]

While I might not fully migrate here just yet, it is good to test the waters. Complete integration with Google+ and Youtube is better than limited amounts, after all. And so.

Youtube Channels - It is within my interests to now get my channel fully operational and cleaner. This means pulling content from both accounts [iDarkRula and KronaChameleon] and placing them all within the one account with a small five second intro giving the channel name and category it fits into. These will be predetermined by me when the time comes, although if you've been watching my current four part series, you'll already have seen one of them. Since there is only two types in content on my channel at present, the only two labels you will be seeing are Gaming and Academic Content. Gaming will be all of the videos related to games, while Academic Content is all of the videos that have been produced during the course of my study at high school to university. In the future I hope to add Animation to those categories, but as of right now it won't be for a while yet.

Star Wars Battlefront II PC Multiplayer 13/4/14 - This is the current four part series I am currently uploading. As suggested by the date, the actual match took place over a month ago. It is only being uploaded now as I was holding out uploading it until the current changes were made [and still are]. The series is essentially five matches played between me and best friend Hayden Jones, with settings left in neutral. Now, since these matches were over twenty minutes in some cases, the matches themselves were cut up into a highlight reel per match, leaving only the better parts of them. Now, five matches and four videos doesn't add up, but Hoth had not much going on and Polis Massa was a walkover. Well, slaughterhouse. So much so that both videos only came up to five minutes each. Putting them together made more sense, but I won't say why as the video is still pending upload. All I can say is that Darth Maul outranks Darth Vader in playability.

CDSMedia - Last thing in this update is the content on my custom story/fan-fiction website. Anyone following would say I've been pretty poor in uploading new parts compared to last year. While it is my wish to finish the current arc of Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles, I've hardly been focusing on any of the others. For instance, the last upload to Star Wars: Darth Maul, where I was focusing on what would happen if Darth Maul had victory in Episode I and beyond, hasn't seen an upload since June of last year. Newcomer Animal Crossing: Time Origin, where I set out to link all Animal Crossing games, hasn't been posted on since July. And let us not forget that sad little travesty of one part that is The Chameleon Chronicles, again without a post since July. This was my one true shot of a story within the Sonicverse that didn't focus on Sonic himself. In fact, he doesn't appear at all until the end. That's because it was originally planned as a two story deal. One from the Chameleon point of view, and one from Sonic's point of view. I am definitely not giving up on this one, just like with Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles, but out of all the stories I've written - this is the one I've been planning the most. Once the Doctor Who: Star Wars Chronicles arc has finished, all written efforts will be put on hold, allowing more time for reconstruction, replanning, and reassessment of ideas.

I'm giving myself until the end of June to sort this out, so it shouldn't be too long until it is all complete. So for now, bye for now.