Sunday 1 December 2019

December ’19 Monthly Update

There were a few first impressions posts last month, with the unannounced one being Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020. Along with the post, I showed off a few of the events in a video. This one was a fun game, so I couldn’t pass on the chance to talk about it. I also covered Farming Simulator 19, as I’m really enjoying the series, and even went as far as calling the series one of my favourites. Now, I didn’t give a video for it, as I realised how dull that would have been without commentary.

The two that I did announce were Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Pokémon Shield. Both of these had post and video to show them off and give my thoughts. And this idea of post and video continues this month. Thrillville: Off the Rails is going to see some focus in a Moonlit Critbit, as that is one of my favourites from Frontier. I’m also tying another GTA Online video to a post related to the GTA series.

You’ll remember in October that I said I would show off a completely original map concept for a state based on Michigan, then changed that to a smaller concept based on the Project Americas rumours/leaks. Now, however, I am ready to reveal it. Because I couldn’t just leave it alone. So this will be a completely new thing for everyone to see. I won’t go into detail, but will give a summary of the places I used as a base and the thoughts in connecting it together.

The video will be another winter themed one, looking around the map as well as showcasing another race in snowfall in GTA V. There’ll also be other winter themed videos, with Star Wars Battlefront 2005 on the snow biome maps, and Steep – which is one I’ve loved since it released. There might be one other if I decide to go for five videos to end the year off.

As for stories, last month was a bit off. Pokémon: Shadow Boom chapter five failed to appear, as I needed to rework it and just had it left by the wayside as I worked on other things. A new story did appear within The Alternate Extras of Halesowen, with Jogging Reflection offering a look at what Jack felt his future would have been like. There was also a big new something added that I teased at the start of November.

Yogsimulated was a passion project that I worked on intermittently throughout the year, adding and removing ideas based on what I felt would work, which then started the heavy writing and editing process to get it released before the Jingle Jam. Featuring ten of the Yogscast, it is a story told from four points of view as they venture around a virtual reality Bristol in various races. In the New Year I’ll give a behind-the-scenes, but for now enjoy the full thing.

As for new stories, one each of Shorts of the Rula and The Alternate Extras of Halesowen, and chapter five of Shadow Boom will be released this month. I’m not going to reveal the one for Shorts of the Rula, but it will be themed around the month. The Alternate Extras one is featuring some of the secondary group of the media students, giving them a bit more focus.

That’s quite a bit coming, and planning for more for the next year. Thank you to everyone checking out my content throughout this year, and I hope you stick around for more. Videos, blog, or stories, I hope you have enjoyed all that I have given this year, and continue to stay for more next year. Bye for now.

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