Thursday 1 August 2019

August '19 Monthly Update

July saw the start of a month-long event in Racing Month, where I visited some racing games by showing off some gameplay and shared the story of them in relation to myself. I looked at Excite Truck, Crash TeamRacing, GripShift, and Midnight Club Los Angeles, with each being released every Friday. I had planned on featuring another game, but felt it was too similar to one of those already featured. And while I feel I could get away with the story I used for Midnight Club, I don’t think I have one for Test Drive Unlimited that would have justified its inclusion.

Near the end of the month, I also revealed my plans for reviving and reconstructing one of my old fan-created stories that I’d had plans of doing for more than a year before this point. But Pokémon: Shadow Boom is indeed getting that revival starting from this month. The prologue and first chapter are already on Wattpad, so now would be a good time to get familiar with the story for when the second chapter gets added this month and more chapters get added for the rest of this year and into the next.

And speaking of stories, as said at the end of that Shadow Boom revival post, I will indeed be posting a preview of my fifth novel. In case you don’t know, the fifth will see a return to Halesowen and the media students, following them throughout their second year as they think about their futures. Returning again to the short story collection format, I am targeting a September release for it, hence the preview being released this month. The Future Adventures of Halesowen, as tentatively titled currently, won’t be working around the events of another story, but will lead into the fourth in the Alternate Halesowen and Beyond series.

My next video is racing related, returning to Forza Horizon 4 to showcase a drifting Mini as it tackles all of the drift zones in the game for three stars. There will also be a video looking at some of the events and things to do in a game called Go Vacation, tying into another look at my Mii Resort Paradise idea. If you haven’t yet seen this idea of mine, it builds on what Nintendo gave us with Wii Sports Resort, and goes further into building up Wuhu Island than they have as a true hub of sporting entertainment. Key of which is a realistic-scaled version of the island that allows full exploration.

There’s a lot of content coming within the next few months, and of course this is just the start of it. With the Pokémon: Shadow Boom revival, the coming release of The Future Adventures of Halesowen, and even more ideas and secrets, it’s a good time to join the ride. Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around.

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