Monday 1 July 2019

July '19 Monthly Update

E3 arrived and proved to be a great week as always, even if it felt lacking in a few areas. Rather than list the individual posts made, just take a look inside the E3 2019 label. Of course, there was also news from the Pokémon Direct relating to Sword and Shield, which wouldn't be in that E3 label. As for videos, I showed off some more custom races in Forza Horizon 4, along with a showcase of the LEGO Speed Champions expansion of the game. Between those were two GTA Online videos that took a look at some of my older custom races.

Now, July's event. It's racing themed. Should come as no surprise considering what was uploaded in June. These racing games aren't going to be my usual fare of uploads, though. No Forzas, no GTAs, and no Mario Karts. Everything seen here will be something not featured on the channel before. Most of it will also be older than ten years, and all will have some sort of story attached to them that will be told here on this site. The post and video should arrive at the same time, so you can read then watch or watch then read.

Aside from that, I'm also gearing up to finally releasing something to my Wattpad account, which I'm also in the process of cleaning up a bit. Most of the content on there is a bit difficult to read owing to my near non-existent use of line breaks. If there were indentations, I suspect it would be easier to view, but line breaks make things just that bit easier overall. As for what the upload concerns, I'm not saying just yet, but a post will come here not relating to the racing event that details my plans for that story, since it's one I've been saying I will get on with.

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