Friday 1 February 2019

February '19 Monthly Update [Network]

Space Race Championship is drawing ever near to a release, and so to start off the marketing of it, I've been looking back at the books I had previously released with a bit of planning insight. The planning of the Alternate Halesowen and Beyond series looks at the first two books, with the post on Elemental Heroes looking at the third.

Elsewhere, I looked at The Magic Roundabout movie in a Moonlit Critbit, and told everyone to Get the Shopping In! with the next in the Crossing to the New Life series, looking at the rest of the shopping district. A video looking at more winter gifts in Los Santos in GTA V was uploaded to Youtube.

This month is set to be an idea zone. Last month I said I might get something up relating to tower offense game ideas. That will be coming this month, along with another post giving ideas about Star Wars Battlefront - this time on changing up a few things for a third game. The next Crossing to the New Life will be looking at the campsite, and the affects it has on the town. I moved it forward, owing to a feeling.

Animal Crossing is coming. We know that much. I've been working on the idea that the game will be coming at the end of the summer, with a full reveal at the beginning of it. However, I have a feeling we might be seeing a quicker release of this one, with a release at the end of spring instead. Animal Crossing isn't a series that needs plenty of time spent on it looking at the details. One Direct can cover it easily. Getting it out before E3 also allows for more time spent on the bigger hits during the show. And after all, the campsite is the largest feature of this idea of mine, so it only seems fair to push it out sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere, the Forza Horizon 4 route showcase will come this month, along with another one for Star Wars Battlefront. The February update for the game hasn't come yet, but that's no surprise when a new game mode is coming - and that's what I'll be covering in the video. Along with showing off Dooku and Anakin.