Wednesday 1 August 2018

August '18 Monthly Update [Network]

Delays happened, as per usual, though I did get out the more important stuff. I’ll try for Pokémon: Shadow Boom updates at least once every month, but as ever I’m not guaranteeing anything. The Future of Mario Kart post of last month looked at characters, and this month is crossovers. This will be looking at both characters and tracks, and maybe even some kart and item ideas.

As for new posts, I’ll be sharing my Xbox Experiences from when I first started. There’s plenty of things from the past six years I haven’t covered about the games I’ve played on Xbox platforms, and this is the time to share those things. It will come in two parts with the first looking at 360 games and the second at One games. I’m also hoping to get another Moonlit Critbit out, though I haven’t got specifics planned.

On my website, the Blog Archive is up and operational, covering everything up to this current month three years previous [August 2015, in other words]. I aim to keep it so there is always that three-year gap even though new posts that get added there are already viewable here. I keep thinking about going back to a blog through Weebly, and adding to the Archive has shown me that maybe I should have learnt a bit more about more of the feature-set before moving to Blogger. Nothing is happening yet, so don’t worry about any movement any time soon.

I have something else planned, though I’m not revealing that until it starts happening. If I am able to, I think I can guarantee at least two months’ worth of content on Youtube.