Tuesday 1 May 2018

May '18 Monthly Update [Network]

There's a lot of Star Wars coming, for it is Star Wars month. The last time I ran this was in 2015 to tie into Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. I said there would be 'numerous content relating to Star Wars' during that month. This month, I am planning to beat the amount of content from the last time this run. Aside from the Celebration posts, the only other thing posted on this blog was still technically related to Celebration. Battlefront had just been announced, and I posed thoughts and ideas about it. This time, I've got another Battlefront post to give, this time focusing on one particular part of the non-EA games. Some love it, some seem indifferent on it, but I felt Galactic Conquest has a lot more to give. It's a mode that only really works in solo play, as getting a group of randoms to stay long enough to see a match through to the end is a bit much to ask. However, I won't say more on it, but I'll be running through all the games that featured the mode, and seeing how it could work with EA, as well as posing an idea to spin it off into its own side series. Along with that post, there's also going to be several other ideas posed, and I'm going to be giving my views on all the films. I've only reviewed the most recent two, so I thought this month would be a good way of pushing that post out. Yes - post. I might split it into two depending on how I feel - that's something I feel my Power Rangers posts have been influencing considering how long some of those got - but this review isn't going in-depth. Just a general view of what I think of them and listing my preferences of favourites.
In terms of Youtube - that's where most of the content was last time. I started it off with some Battlefront II, and wha'd'ya know? That's exactly what I've done this time. The classic Battlefronts were recently added onto the Backward Compatible list for Xbox One, and I've been enjoying them. The One is where my gaming habits lie - tied with the Switch - and there's a few games I can bring out for this month. Both classic Battlefronts and both EA ones will be here, but I won't reveal the other games I'll be featuring.

Now, it seems a bit harsh to say no other content except Star Wars will be allowed in this month, as for one there's the release day of Elemental Heroes. I've learnt my lesson about announcing dates too early in advance, but 7-May is set. There will be a post announcing it with a bit of insight into it, along with what the next novel will be.
As for other posts and additions, I'm hoping there's one thing coming. Nintendo related. I'm hoping there is as it will allow me to test out a new style for covering events I'm working on. As well as that, there's E3 coming up next month. There's a few games I'm wanting to see, with... Let's just save that for the Pre-E3 post.
Either way, it's a packed month, so I'll end the post off here.