Thursday 8 March 2018

Nintendo Direct 8-March-2018 [Gaming]

Yesterday is was announced that a new Nintendo Direct would run for half an hour at 22:00 GMT today. What a wild ride that was. There were quite a few ports, but one of them was a big one. Yes, Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch, and the Inklings will be playable. That's all that was shown, but we know it's coming, and coming this year.

The main splotlight was for Mario Tennis Aces, where more content was shown for it. Fifteen characters - including a chain-chomp for some reason - the mechanics of the game, along with a simple mode which will turn the game into a more focused tennis game. And motion controls for a more casual play. It's coming on 22-June, and before release an online tournament will happen, allowing a play of the game for all who're interested. Keeping with Mario related games, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker comes to Switch with some new Odyssey related levels. It's also hitting the 3DS. Another Mario and Luigi game is getting a 3DS remake - this time Bowser's Inside Story, with the added mode of Bowser Jr.'s Journey. This one is set for 2019, so it's a while off yet. And speaking of Luigi, he's getting a bit more love in the form of the Gamecube Luigi's Mansion getting a 3DS remake. WarioWare Gold brings the largest amount of microgames to the 3DS, and looks set to expand on previous games in the series.

The rest of the 3DS highlights included Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers and Detective Pikachu, with the other Switch highlights bringing more news on Kirby Star Allies, Okami HD coming in the summer, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido also coming to Switch, Octopath Traveller getting two new character reveals. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and Dark Souls: Remastered, were also shown. The latter of which is getting amiibo support. Undertale is coming, along with Little Nightmares. South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets a port, but not The Stick of Truth. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition gets a release date of 18-May, and ARMS is getting a three-day Global Testpunch to those who haven't played yet to trial the game out. Splatoon 2 gets both free content and paid-DLC. The free stuff includes more outfits and stages, along with a new Rank X for competitive modes, but it's the paid-DLC that's more interesting. A new story campaign is coming, that follows the adventures of an Octoling. Yup, that thing fans have been asking for since the original game is happening, as the Octoling can also represent you in online matches. And the last thing to touch upon is CRASH BANDICOOT IS COMING TO THE SWITCH! Yup, the N.Sane Trilogy is making an appearance on the Switch, bringing the original three games to Nintendo consoles for the first time. I'd prefer Spyro, but considering that trilogy hasn't been announced yet, I can wait a year.

The Direct did well in hyping people up, and it looks as though Smash Bros. reveals are still going to be as interesting as ever. The news on Kirby Star Allies was good, as was the stuff on Mario Tennis Aces. As you probably saw above, I am all for Crash Bandicoot on Switch. The new content to Splatoon might get me playing again, and I might even give the Octoling expansion an a-okay to play. I doubt my 3DS will get much use this year, but I might bring it out again for Detective Pikachu. Everything else isn't really on my radar, though I do recall saying I might check Hyrule Warriors on Switch.
As a showcase of news, the Direct did what it had to do. If this is the last before E3 [aside from maybe a Pokémon Direct] then it has set the scene for this half of the year well. The obvious thing now is for Smash Bros. to get a larger reveal at E3, along with the obvious games that were missing here - such as Yoshi and The World Ends With You. Mario Odyssey DLC that was rumoured can also wait for E3.