Tuesday 1 August 2017

August '17 Monthly Update [Network]

As said when I posted a Sonic Generations video to social media, most of what I set out in the July update failed to show. I said on that social media post I would explain why those posts are missing. The fact is, I've been working toward getting my next book finished for this month. And that book is one I can announce, as I'm hoping I will have it ready for this month.
The old name of TV and Film Residential Camp has gone. In it's place is a new name, one that should reflect the overall theme. Secrets Behind the Truth tells the story of one Max Rushden, who is part of a week's visit to Plutes [Ploo-tez]- a place where not all is as it seems. As the week is over and no-one but he remembers the real events, he sets out reveal the truth of the place. But to put a plan into action, he must hide behind the truth that Plutes creates for everyone. Those who know of TV and Film from Weebly will know of the basic points, but nearly everything has gone. Been changed. New mandates, new reasons for doing things, even the details of events. Gone is the self-referential material that the plan was origianlly built on, and gone is the lack of focus I felt that part had.
Instead, there is some proper reasons for things to happen, the world and history has been set and corrected, and I feel this time it has a greater focus. If everything goes well, it will be out this month. As well as working on Secrets Behind the Truth, I've also been working on the planning for the next series I'll be starting. I'm not saying anything on it at the minute, but it is going to be within the fantasy genre. I haven't got a set time-frame for it yet, but it should be just before or after the New Year if all goes well.

Sticking with stories just for a bit longer, within the first short of Alternate Adventures - near the end - there is a slight mistake made. With the Alternate Extras short, that has now been fixed. When I update Alternate Adventures, it will be fixed there as well. And speaking of Extras, the next part of that should be out this month. Also out this month will be the last part of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles.
The Star Wars post will be coming this month, and remains the same as outlined last month. A Look Inside the Morphing Grid for Wild Force and Ninja Storm is coming this month, and I'll try not to have any more missing months with it, otherwise it will be pushed into next year.
I said last month I would have a post about my thoughts on ARMS, the latest new IP by Nintendo. However, with Splatoon 2 also released since, as well as Sonic Mania coming this month, that post will feature all three games and be one of the last posts of the month. In the meantime, the What I'm Waiting For post will come.