Thursday 1 June 2017

June '17 Monthly Update [Network]

E3 is round again, and a lot of new announcements will always be coming from it. As per the norm I'll be doing both pre- and post- show articles, as well as covering the panels that always come. EA are again hosting their own show away from E3 itself, and Nintendo have gone all-out again with Treehouse streams, tournaments, and the usual presentation - this time labelled as Nintendo Spotlight. If anything else needs talking about from the event [especially if Star Wars games are involved], it will be covered in its own post after the conference.
Keeping with the blog, A Look Inside the Morphing Grid has been slightly delayed due to me writing too much again. Time Force has been winning me over, and again I've put too much detail into the episodes themselves. The post for Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force will be out this week though, and if I can Wild Force and Ninja Storm will be the last week of the month.

Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles is on Final Throwdown, where all the events are coming together. Daleks are down on Endor, and The Doctor is in for a surprise. Skirata is enacting his own plans to get back at the Daleks, so be on the lookout for it sometime soon.
With E3 taking up most of my time, there's not much else to be uploading. Another Forza Horizon 3 video will probably make its way to Youtube though. That's all for now though, so bye for now.