Sunday 2 April 2017

April '17 Monthly Update [Network]

April is an interesting month for one very special reason. Star Wars Celebration has come around once again, but this holds a bit more importance as it is celebrating forty years of the franchise. I've only been a fan for a quarter of that time, but it's been an awesome experience. The films, the games, the books and comics - especially the Republic Commando series - have all been keeping me interested. And especially the animated TV series, which is really when I started to grow into being the fan I am today. For all fans though, this Celebration will be something special, and as ever I'll have a post looking at some of the things happening before it starts, as well as my thoughts on those things and others after. EA have already stated they'll be showing Battlefront II at the event, and The Last Jedi and Rebels Season 4 are showing as well. As always, if you are going to the event itself, there are a lot of things to see and do. The last two years have been amazingly fun, even through the livestream [which is when I started to majorly focus on Celebrations].

The Look Inside the Morphing Grid post for In Space and Lost Galaxy has been pushed into this month, just due to the fact that I posted the movie review [and I'm kind of slacking in watching Lost Galaxy, hoping the later episodes can pick up].
Since it is Star Wars Celebration this month, I've been thinking of things I can do to join in the celebration myself. While I haven't decided yet, I will keep you all posted on social media about any developments.
The Alternate Adventures of Halesowen will be self-published to the Kindle store this month. There's the last few checks to be completed, but it should be ready. Once it is up, I will have a post about it here. I am hoping that those who do read it will be able to give some good pointers to me. Things I did well and things I can improve upon are the major areas any person should be looking for to help them create a better product in the future, and I certainly welcome that advice.
In the latest episode of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles, DarkRula and The Doctor had split to follow their own goals. The Water Base sees DarkRula head to Da Soocha, trying to find out where the main base of the Jedi was moved to. He recounts a month of looking from the location he currently sits.

Anything else I have planned over the month will be posted to social media, but that's all for now, so bye for now.