Wednesday 1 March 2017

March '17 Monthly Update [Network]

Last month I teased something new that would be released to the Kindle Store either this month or next. In this update, I can now unveil that. Over three years ago, I had an original story running called TV and Film Residential Camp. It was a story about this unknown country down in the southern hemisphere that liked to keep to itself. A student holiday wasn't all that it seemed, and one student was able to break out of the memory alterations. He took a trip to the United Kingdom, and specifically a town called Halesowen.
Now in that story, I was using real names of real people - more specifically the friends and lecturers at the college and myself. I didn't want to keep that though, as I figured it wouldn't do well to feature people if they didn't want to be featured in a proper published work. Yes, I had put the last chapter on hold so I could prepare it for self-publishing to the Kindle Store. That, clearly, never happened. But I had worked out new identities for new characters. Every single name was changed, as well as altering some other parts to them. Slowly I was building up an entire roster of new characters. And so this group comprised of ten people. That was when I swapped track. I could tell some interesting stories with these characters, and so the new story began planning.
That was six months back, and it is almost ready. For this starting book, I wanted to focus more on the characters themselves, so the book is essentially eight short stories taking the viewpoint of one character - two for the beginning and ending stories - which will both be longer to accommodate that. The title of said book is The Alternate Adventures of Halesowen. Keep a look out as I will be saying more on it, including release, soon.

Elsewhere, I mentioned writing up another Nintendo Switch post should there be any news. That news came in the form of an independent studio showcase of games coming to the Switch. Yesterday. I had also said that if news didn't come I would still write something up, but I decided against that just to allow time for other things. However, with the release of the Switch this week, I will be giving my thoughts on it and the games I get.
The next in the Look Inside the Morphing Grid series will look at Power Rangers In Space, and Lost Galaxy. From what I've seen of In Space so far, it is looking likely to be great throughout, though there's every chance Lost Galaxy could be better.
The next episode of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles has DarkRula and The Doctor retracing the steps of the Daleks when they first arrived. Along the way the two will run into some eager bounty hunters willing to capture them. Catch up with that when Retracing and Running is posted later this month.
Another mention from last month was that I was unable to record games on my laptop due to it being funny like that. Whatever caused it, I found a slight workaround for GTA videos. In January I posted videos from the Rockstar Editor. One from the PC version and one from the Xbox One version. Since I've been spending a bit more time on the Xbox One version, I've also been making some races on that version as well. Using the Rockstar Editor, I recorded footage of that track, editing it as I did those videos in January. It is up on Youtube, though has somehow exported out at a slightly lower quality than the previous video.