Wednesday 1 February 2017

February '17 Monthly Update [Network]

Just a slight change to the title of these monthly updates to give clear indication of what they are. Clarity is key, after all.
I said I wanted to start uploading some Sonic Generations videos in the run-up to Sonic Mania's release, but my laptop is no longer wanting to record and play games at the same time. And when I do try and record, it is wildly inconsistent with how it plays out. So while no videos will come out about Sonic Generations from me, I will be covering it as a post here. It won't be called a review, but it will be a look at the game and what I think. This was the game that gave my interest in the series a major boost, so covering it would show exactly what I like about it.
As for other games, I'm expecting more Switch news to be coming soon. Major news. So that will be covered here. Even if not, I'm going to be saying something about the console, since with it being just under a month to release, excitement is all around.

With my look into the Power Rangers franchise, I admitted in the post itself that it was long. With my next post in this series, this shouldn't be a problem. I would hope. Either way, a look at Zeo and Turbo should be uploaded on the 15th, which is where I hope to move the series to.
In terms of stories, Hide and Seek of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles will be out this month. Just to recap, this is the third audio episode of the series, and while the same plot elements will be followed, it will be more focused on behind the scenes stuff that you wouldn't get from an audio episode.
Just teasing this here, but I expect to have something new next month. I've always been saying I wanted to publish something to the Kindle Store, and with this I am finally able to do so. Not saying more, so stay tuned next month.