Monday 2 January 2017

The New Year of '17 [Network]

With the rebrand complete, the Cyber Digital Services name will no longer be appearing for any network updates. Instead, as you can see, it's just a simple Network tag.
As for expanding what I said when I posted the next part to Crossover Corruption, everything is ready, but holidays and other stuff made me forget to post. So as a revised schedule for those posts left, the next episode of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles will be coming in two parts - the first half this week and the last half at the end of the month. The start of our look through the Power Rangers series will be in the middle of the month.
There is one important event coming up. That being the true reveal of the Nintendo Switch. Hardware, software, and all the other stuff should be coming out from the event. I will be covering what I think of the games and console itself once the event is over, which is just ten days away. There's certainly been a lot of excitement all over for this, and to get the information starting from the 13th [let's be honest, there's going to be a lot more coverage over the two months until release] should be the turning point most people need in deciding if it's for them.

Another winter gone in GTA Online, and I've got some more videos to be uploading from the Rockstar Editor. As I've been pretty focused on both PC and Xbox One versions, a video from each will be posted.
Again I missed the opportunity to place a Christmas song with a Sonic Generations highlight reel, but I want to cover the game as Mania comes closer to release. So while there won't be any commentary, you can expect a playthrough of levels and bosses.

With quite a bit to get through, and with my final semester of university coming up, this is going to be one busy month. Either way - that's all for now, so bye for now.