Friday, 25 August 2017

Secrets Behind The Truth Has Released [Network]

My second book has now hit the Kindle Store. Secrets Behind The Truth is available for £2.75, but for that you get almost 200 pages of book. This one is also available on Kindle Unlimited, so again - a buy or a borrow helps support me.
The story that started in 2012 and was almost completed in 2013. The story that I wanted to be my first, but decided to start with a shorter story. And in a way, I'm almost glad I did Alternate Adventures first. It was the driving force needed to sort the middle part of this one out, as well as give it the second plot thread included.

Now the second book is out, the third and fourth will now move up the production chain. Both are stories that I've had in waiting for quite some time. And by that, I mean ten years. I've been refining the ideas since I first decided to start self-publishing, and this third one is going to be the first time I stray away from the realistic fiction / slice-of-life of these previous two books. The third is fantasy, with the fourth being sci-fi. Both are going to have larger page counts, with the third being more episodic in format.

Secrets Behind The Truth can be found through searching the full title, or using the link - Kindle Store - to get access to the UK page. As ever, I welcome all feedback in the hopes of improving further. There's also the possibility of covers being created by others in the future.
Happy reading.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

What I'm Waiting For - Volume 6 [Gaming]

There's a lot that's been happening since I last did one of these. In fact, it's almost been a year since that previous post. And the games that I have played on Switch have been really good fun. I mentioned one of those games in the last What I'm Waiting For, so let's cover those before we jump to the new stuff.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been an absolutely stunning game. When I first played it, there was so much I could be doing within the world, and at first I was just exploring rather than following any quests. When I did start following those quests, I was still getting sidetracked by other things. It felt so open in approach, and allowed you to tackle things however the player wants. I can remember my opening few hours consisted of nothing but going for the towers and filling out the map. And in some places that's a lot harder than you might think if unprepared. I highly doubt I've explored everything even after finishing the main quest, though I'm always welcome to explore more.

Yooka-Laylee... I love the character this game has. All the self-referential humour and in-jokes are amusing to see. The game itself plays fine, and I've loved the time I've played it for. It's just... Something stops me from really going full-on with the game. I can explore, collect, and battle many things, but I don't feel like diving in for multiple sessions within a week. I don't think it's the game's fault, just that I hardly use my Xbox One for much except Forza.

As for the games I'll be talking about in this volume, one of them is indeed a racing game. It's not Forza, but The Crew 2. An idea I'd seen someone 'leak' for a Nintendo game involved a merge of Pilotwings and Wave Race into one game. I took that idea further, saying how great it would be if car, boat, and flying races were in one game, with the ability to create your own. Much like what's available in GTA Online. I went one step further with it. What if you could swap between the three during races?

Cue E3, where The Crew 2 was shown off. While not much has been shown off, the trailer did show multiple vehicle racing with the ability to swap between them - whether that's in races via checkpoint transitions or in freeroam whenever you want. Again it features a version of America, this one with over 2000 square miles of map to play around in. This time, things aren't so linear, with what I'm hoping is multiple areas for progression opening up new opportunities. I'm hoping for things to explore within the open world as well, but we'll see what happens when the beta gets started. It's being advertised, so here's hoping it's soon. While I haven't played the first game, I do have it available from Games With Gold, so I can jump in and try it if I decide to do so. Despite being purely player created, GTA Online's races keep me coming back [half my own and half other creators] so we'll see if The Crew 2 can do the same. The Forza Horizon series is able to do it, so I see no reason why this game wouldn't also.

The second game is much harder to decide on what to choose. It could be Super Mario Odyssey, the game that looks to be surpassing all other 3D Mario games. It could be Sonic Forces, the game which hopefully looks to be utilising the expanded cast in more depth - even if they aren't playable still. And it would be ridiculously easy for me to say Star Wars Battlefront 2, what with it looking to improve on the first in nearly every single way.

For this though, I'm going to state another game coming in 2018. One that got that date only recently, and I'm hoping will stay with it. Kingdom Hearts 3. I started with the second game, and it was an absolute blast, one that kept me playing for years. I'd only dabbled with other games in the series, playing just a bit of 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep. It wasn't until last year that I really started playing through another game. And that was with Dream Drop Distance. Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to expand on both KH2 and Dream Drop Distance in what should be the best game of the series to date. The reason I love the games is for their gameplay, and the crossovers with various Disney franchises. I loved exploring the Pride Lands in KH2, and seeing Pinocchio in Dream Drop Distance. There was a lot to do in the second game, and fighting alongside Disney characters made it all the greater. Now, with the third game, we get to fight alongside Woody and Buzz, which makes five characters in a party all fighting at the same time. When the game releases, it might become one of my all-time favourites. All the worlds are interesting to explore, and while I'm not one to follow the story obsessively, I understand enough of it that I should understand whatever crops up in the third game. So long as it can hold my interest with both story and gameplay, I'll be playing this one until the end.

What I'm Waiting For Series

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August '17 Monthly Update [Network]

As said when I posted a Sonic Generations video to social media, most of what I set out in the July update failed to show. I said on that social media post I would explain why those posts are missing. The fact is, I've been working toward getting my next book finished for this month. And that book is one I can announce, as I'm hoping I will have it ready for this month.
The old name of TV and Film Residential Camp has gone. In it's place is a new name, one that should reflect the overall theme. Secrets Behind the Truth tells the story of one Max Rushden, who is part of a week's visit to Plutes [Ploo-tez]- a place where not all is as it seems. As the week is over and no-one but he remembers the real events, he sets out reveal the truth of the place. But to put a plan into action, he must hide behind the truth that Plutes creates for everyone. Those who know of TV and Film from Weebly will know of the basic points, but nearly everything has gone. Been changed. New mandates, new reasons for doing things, even the details of events. Gone is the self-referential material that the plan was origianlly built on, and gone is the lack of focus I felt that part had.
Instead, there is some proper reasons for things to happen, the world and history has been set and corrected, and I feel this time it has a greater focus. If everything goes well, it will be out this month. As well as working on Secrets Behind the Truth, I've also been working on the planning for the next series I'll be starting. I'm not saying anything on it at the minute, but it is going to be within the fantasy genre. I haven't got a set time-frame for it yet, but it should be just before or after the New Year if all goes well.

Sticking with stories just for a bit longer, within the first short of Alternate Adventures - near the end - there is a slight mistake made. With the Alternate Extras short, that has now been fixed. When I update Alternate Adventures, it will be fixed there as well. And speaking of Extras, the next part of that should be out this month. Also out this month will be the last part of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles.
The Star Wars post will be coming this month, and remains the same as outlined last month. A Look Inside the Morphing Grid for Wild Force and Ninja Storm is coming this month, and I'll try not to have any more missing months with it, otherwise it will be pushed into next year.
I said last month I would have a post about my thoughts on ARMS, the latest new IP by Nintendo. However, with Splatoon 2 also released since, as well as Sonic Mania coming this month, that post will feature all three games and be one of the last posts of the month. In the meantime, the What I'm Waiting For post will come.