Tuesday 17 September 2019

The Future Adventures of Halesowen Has Released


We are returning once again to the Alternate Halesowen and Beyond series for another short story collection. This time the students are at the college for their second year, looking into where they want to be heading. You can buy it for £2 on the Kindle Store or, as with all my books, borrow it from Kindle Unlimited.

The Future Adventures of Halesowen, just as with Alternate Adventures, is a book that looks at the students of the college in their activities. Dealing with a wider area of time, all of the students get focus with their arc detailing their own future. Opportunities arise for many of them in different forms, and there’s also some resolution to conflicts both old and new.

Phase one might have followed with the second in Alternate Halesowen and Beyond, but this time I’m going to leave the fourth in the series for a while and return to another series. As said during the advertisement of it, Elemental Heroes will be seeing five books building up to roughly 35 to 40 episodes in total. The second volume is named Invasion of the Kri’tirs, and sees the elementals dealing with the war that had been mentioned in the first.

You can get on Amazon UK here – Kindle Store – to look at more of The Future Adventures of Halesowen. I hope you enjoy reading, and give some thoughts about, this, past and future novels.

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