Saturday 1 June 2019

June '19 Monthly Update

What I'm Waiting For - Volume 7 released, giving my thoughts on Forza Horizon 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, and The Crew 2, before stating a new game to put onto the waiting for list. As stated in the last update, the month of May would be a quiet one. Because June and July are going to be large ones.

I'd already said in that update there was an event I had been planning for May that I pushed to July. That event will be focused on Youtube videos with a few posts here giving thoughts on those games. You're not going to find out what the event is until the July update, but I figured I'd at least say what the plan for it was.

As for June - well, what else would it be around this time other than E3? I'm getting an early start with things this year, as the pre-E3 entry for 2019 will be up today. In a week, EA will host their event and the Nintendo Championships will be on. There's a lot on throughout the week, even with Sony's absense. I'll be covering Microsoft, Nintendo, and Ubisoft with their own posts, along with the usual look at everything else that happened in the post-E3 entry. There's also the small matter of a new Pokémon Direct on the 5th, covering more information about Sword/Shield. My thoughts for that will also be in the pre-E3 entry later today.

In terms of videos, Forza Horizon 4 will feature with some more of my custom routes, and since the second expansion is a very possible drop during E3 or just after, there'll be one of that as well. GTA Online will also get a look in with custom tracks, with both videos coming from the PC version.

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