Wednesday 1 May 2019

May '19 Monthly Update

Star Wars Month has come to an end, giving a solid look at Celebration and not much else. Well, there were the two posts of Equipping Ideas to Battlefront, but aside from that there were only videos. Both Battlefront 2s got focus, with the EA game showing off Capital Supremacy and the Pandemic game putting some focus on Capture the Flag.

I also had a video showing off a full play of the Mercenary Activity mission from Jedi Academy, and had intended to do a write-up of my thoughts on the game. I gave a brief idea in the video description of what I thought, but felt there wasn't all that much I could say. It's a good game with some decent combat options. There was also meant to be a write-up of the new novel Master and Apprentice, but I'd been busy reading the two Battlefront novels that I've only just got around to starting that new one.

And speaking of novels, my own Space Race Championship was released to the Kindle Store last month. It seemed fitting to release it during a Star Wars Month, and it would also mark the second anniversary since I first started pushing novels to the Kindle Store. Next up on my list of novels is a return to Halesowen, which is going to spread itself across most of the second year of the media students with a focus on their futures. That will emerge sometime in the future, as should a push for some more content on Wattpad.

This month will be a quiet one in terms of things being released. I had planned to make this month another event month, but that can wait until July. I had been planning to tie a What I'm Waiting For into that event, but I think it would probably be better to get a look at all previous mentions first, with maybe one new game getting some focus.

There's not much else I can give, but I should hope I can get some other things done.

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