Monday 1 April 2019

April '19 Monthly Update

Last month was a quiet one, with only two posts to this blog and little else. I took a look at all the games I bought for the Nintendo Switch in its second year, as well as giving another preview of Space Race Championship - along with the details of its release. That's coming up next week, but in the meantime, there's a sale running for Elemental Heroes, so if you've yet to buy it now's a good time.

As for this month, there's a whole lot of Star Wars coming, for once again it is Star Wars Month - and this year, Celebration Chicago will be the main focal point of it. Episode IX is to be revealed, the Mandalorian TV series is set to get a look, and we'll finally see what Jedi: Fallen Order is all about. That - plus plenty more - is to hit the world starting on the 12th, running to the 15th. I'll be talking more about what's coming up in the Pre-Talk post, along with a Post-Talk after it ends. Though with how much is usually packed into these, I might just split it into two parts with the first at the end of the second day. Or go for a first when covering Celebrations and have a post for each day.

Away from Celebration, there's a number of gameplay videos of various games coming. One is already here. As is becoming tradition, Star Wars Battlefront starts the series of videos off. Same as last year, it's looking at the newest one from EA, focusing in on new content. Capital Supremacy is a lot of fun, but not as open-ended [or non-linear, I guess] as expected. Other videos coming will include a first time for me with Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a play of The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, and a visit to Pandemic's Battlefront 2. There might be more, and there might be changes to that line-up, but I plan to have at least five videos up for this month.

In terms of blog posts, there's a few ideas that I'll be presenting for EA's Battlefront series, and since it's my first time with Jedi Academy, I'll have a post talking about my experience with it - rather than just leaving it all to the description on the video. I'll have a post about the new Star Wars novel coming this month - Master and Apprentice. It's an novel from before The Phantom Menace that puts focus on Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi and their relationship with each other. It sounds like a great read, and I'll definitely be doing so, and giving my thoughts.

Since Space Race Championship releases on the 8th, I'll have the usual release post for it on the day. And while this might be Star Wars Month, there's a chance of a Nintendo Direct, and as ever I'll be sure to cover it with my thoughts.

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