Saturday 3 November 2018

November '18 Monthly Update [Network]

Forza Horizon 4 is a great game, and it’s a blast to drive around this rendition of Britain. But one thing better is the route creator. For the first time in a Forza Horizon game we can map out our own routes. The start points might be restricted to those the game already has set and there’s no prop placement, but for a feature that’s just starting out it is pretty robust and workable. I’ve already put a few out there, and so just like with the GTA Online videos, I’ll be showing off a few of them.

Now… When I posted the review of Imperial Commando: 501st, I said reviews would be put on hold for a while. I’m sticking to that. I know reviews are subjective and have different styles depending on what’s being reviewed, but they’re being put on hold to give focus to yet another new style of review. Moonlit Critbit will remain the informal style – with one of those coming this month.

However, the more formal style of review takes time to craft, and I’m much more a theorist – an idea-maker – than a critic. So while reviews in the usual sense get put on hold, I’ll still be talking first impressions about things. I probably won’t cap them under a single label, but with two games coming soon I can get things running. This month it will be Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! with next month being Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

And speaking of Smash Bros., there was the Nintendo Direct focused on the game on the first of this month, that revealed the final characters and gave us that beautiful vocal theme to go with the World of Light adventure. I didn’t cover that Direct as there’s another event coming up next week that I feel will have a larger impact. X018 is a Microsoft event celebrating the Xbox brand across a weekend, and as part of that will be the largest Inside Xbox ever. I haven’t covered one before, but I’m very interested in what this one will bring.

Crossing to the New Life continues looking at ideas for Animal Crossing, there might be another idea-generating post for a different series, and I’ll have a Star Wars Battlefront video up looking at the new elements added to the game – with the Geonosis map of Galactic Assault being a large focus of that.