Monday 3 September 2018

September '18 Monthly Update [Network]

The Mario Kart Monday videos have started up, but the other series I was planning isn’t able to start up. See, what I had planned was a look at Forza Horizon 3 and its expansions along with Horizon 2 before Horizon 4 released. I could push on and get those videos done, but there’s just one factor to take into account. They won’t look good. My Xbox One hasn’t lasted well in the heatwave that struck the UK – it wouldn’t do with near five-hour sessions almost every day – so it’s struggling to run games at the minute. I’m getting a replacement in the form of the Forza Xbox One X bundle, which is out the same day the game releases.

Hopefully there will be more Mario Kart Monday videos this month, as I’ve held out so I could test how a video looks with the full sixteen races. But forgot to save the first four races to favourites to be able to do such a thing. Even if I forget to do that, there will be two Mario Kart Monday videos up on Youtube.

There will be more reviews as the next in the Republic Commando series gets looked at, and Solo: A Star Wars Story finishes my look at all the Star Wars films – at least until I get onto The Clone Wars. I also aim to get that final Look Inside the Morphing Grid posted up this month, as it is now almost a year since it originally should have gone up. The massive amount of delays with that series is less due to the franchise itself and more thanks to my lethargy I’ve been suffering due to a lack of energy.

I’m not going in-depth with the details, but I have a problem in my feet which has caused my body to use up more energy than it needs to, and since I’ve ignored it for ten years or more it has caused a problem that just seems to be slowly deteriorating. I’m getting it sorted, but it is taking time. And it is that reason that all the delays have happened. I’m taking things slow, and when I feel I can I’m putting everything into working.

Anything new will be posted about on social media – which now includes Twitter – along with when all of the stuff stated here releases. I also hope you can understand the situation I’m in with my health. I’ve been dedicated to this label for more than five years, and wouldn’t ever want to close it.