Friday 1 June 2018

June '18 Monthly Update [Network]

And Star Wars month ends. It’s been fun going through ideas and media of my favourite core, but just because the month has ended doesn’t mean the content stops. As I said during the movie review post, that has now been split into two parts, with the second coming soon. When I reviewed The Clone Wars novelisation, I also said I’d be going through the full Republic Commando novels in the future. All of that will be coming in July though, as there’s a certain event coming up next week.

E3 has come again, and tomorrow starts it off here with the Pre-E3 post. I’ll be looking at what conferences will be happening, with Nintendo obviously being the longest section. There’ll be a post between then and the conferences, having a look at The Crew 2 beta and the Mario Tennis Aces demo. Then it’s onto the conferences starting Saturday with EA. Microsoft and Bethesda are up on Sunday, with Square-Enix and Ubisoft on Monday. The PC Gaming Show and Sony are also Monday, with Nintendo starting things off on Tuesday with their presentation. Once everything is finished, the Post-E3 talk will come on Friday. I might fit a post in on Thursday, as no doubt I’ll be following the Nintendo Treehouse livestreams throughout the days. While E3 itself will have finished, I’ll still be covering the games announced that interest me. There will be a special E3 What I’m Waiting For post covering those new games I found interesting. There will be one or two other posts as well.

Just a small notice here that The Alternate Adventures of Halesowen has been updated to a new font set, along with having the previews of the other novels added. The same thing will be done for Secrets Behind the Truth either this month or next. It won’t be happening straight away for that one as I want to get a new cover on it.
I’m also working to get all the original blog posts from the old blog to my showcase site. I’m also going to get something up on Wattpad this month. It’s been a while, after all.