Monday 2 April 2018

April '18 Monthly Update [Network]

I’ve said before that I’ve been targeting releasing Elemental Heroes on the 7th of this month to tie into the first release of Alternate Adventures of Halesowen last year. Slight delay means it won’t be out on that date, but April is still the targeted month. The preview of the second chapter that would have been up on the 30th will instead go up a week before release. As usual, a post will also be up once it does get released with hints as to my future novels. Except this time, I don’t need to give hints. The next one is already as good as announced if you’ve been with me since the beginning. Or at least November 2014. When the time comes, the full title reveal will be within the release post of Elemental Heroes.

Elsewhere within my posts, there’s going to be another Future of Mario Kart addition that talks about other features – whether bringing previous ones back or adding new. There’s also the case of the new Sonic Racing game that was teased at the Sonic SXSW panel. I’m glad that Mania is getting new content, and the short series is already off to a great start, but this racing game is the more curious thing. Rumours were flying everywhere about a racing game, and aside from confirming that it does exist, nothing else is known. I’m not touching on rumours, just my own speculation of what this game could be. The only thing that is known – unless it’s a misdirection – is that the game is a pure kart racer like the All-Stars Racing games. In the post about this game, I’ll be talking about both ways to make it different from Mario Kart should it be a pure kart racer, and ideas for an on-foot racer. Some of these ideas I’ve already mentioned over on SSMB, but there will be more.
Since there was a Nintendo Direct last month, it seems unlikely that another general Direct will be coming this month. However, series-specific Direct? I can see it happening, and one such series that could use the announcement is Pokémon. The Switch game is something a lot of fans are waiting for, and this game is sure to cause a stir. If an announcement happens, I’ll be sure to cover it.
As for video, another Battlefront one is on the way – once the new season of content comes. I’m waiting for that before doing the video, but there could very well be more than one Battlefront video. There might be a video from another game as well, but all that depends on Battlefront.