Friday 2 March 2018

March '18 Monthly Update [Network]

With Elemental Heroes having now been announced - and a preview gone up - more previews will follow. That's for later in the month, as early on there's a bit of content going up.
Yesterday was A Look Inside the Morphing Grid, and today's the update. Tomorrow marks the exact date one year ago that the Nintendo Switch launched, and there will be a post with my thoughts going up then. On the Monday there will be another post, though I'm not revealing it at the minute as it could be one of two things. The one that doesn't get posted on Monday will follow at the end of that week. Then comes two posts about Elemental Heroes on week's two and three. If all goes well, the final post of A Look Inside the Morphing Grid will be up at the end of the month.
As a small hint at what's coming in the Elemental Heroes previews, I'll be doing a bit of a write-up on the world and elements, as well as giving a bit of a look as the second episode.

Last month two videos went up. There was the Battlefront II video - showing off Jetpack Cargo and a match on Galactic Assault - and also a small sign of respect for SONM with one of the SONM Weekly Highlight Reels I used to supply for the SONM Network Youtube. The event was Mario Kart 8, played every week, and it's a sign of a great community. Declining traffic meant the site had to be closed, but GRcade is now where the community has migrated to - merging with another community that was formerly under Future PLC. ONM and later SONM had a great community, and with the merge to GRcade, that community can be expanded. As for my Youtube this month, I will get another Battlefront II video up. If the information going around is correct, new content is expected this month, so again I can have something new and something... sort of new... You get the idea.

It's also likely a Nintendo Direct will be coming soon, or maybe another gaming event. Whatever comes I'll cover it if I find it, and there might be an upload on WattPad this month as well.