Thursday 1 February 2018

February '18 Monthly Update [Network]

The third novel of DarkRula Media is ready for announcement - and that novel is Elemental Heroes. If you've read Secrets Behind the Truth, you might have noticed that name and wondered if it was inserted on purpose - what with other hints I've been dropping in these updates.
Elemental Heroes is a fantasy story set within a world not unlike a video game. The focus within this world is a police force within the city of Ballart, who have a special division set up to use the power of elemental stones. The aim of the elemental division is to research these stones and set up special units to use them to ward off attacks from evil forces. There is a history within the world, and the characters you will meet, that reveals itself across the story. Set across eight episodes, the elemental division of the police force is looking to create a secondary unit to combat the increasing threats from the villains. As I stated in last month's update, it will release on 7-April.
As I work to complete it, most other posts will be slowing down. WattPad stories won't be touched until it releases, but blog posts will still be around the same amount. And one of those posts for this month will be a preview of the first episode of Elemental Heroes.
The other post for this month that will be coming is the Look Inside the Morphing Grid post for Jungle Fury and RPM. I not saying much of them here, but they certainly pick up from the lacklustre Operation Overdrive.

The website has got a bit of an update, and will continue to see small updates throughout the year. These will just be adding new content in the form of the new novels, fan-created works, and other areas of the label to it. The blog will also be featured in greater form, with it now having an actual page with links to individual posts instead of just leading to the main page. This is to make it easier for people to look for the content they want away from the blog itself. At the minute only gaming and events sections have been added, but all other sections will be added soon. The Look Inside the Morphing Grid series will have its own section, alongside reviews. A similar thing will be happening for the video media section of the site. The blog itself will get the category changes in time, but for now that simple change has already happened with tags being replaced on some of the posts. Gaming is still around, as is TV and Film. Any previous post that has been tagged under Cyber Digital Services is now under network, with events such as E3 and Star Wars Celebration being under an event tag. The other tag in use at the minute is personal, which is for those posts I feel are more about me than the topic in question. The Battlefront Retrospective has gone under that tag, as has the 2014 in Review posts.

On a simpler note, I will be making sure a video goes up this month, and since I haven't covered it since the beta, that video will be Battlefront II EA. There's a number of things I can cover on the game, having been playing Galactic Assault a lot. With a new limited-time mode coming this month, I also want to be playing that.