Monday 1 January 2018

January '18 Monthly Update [Network]

Happy New Year, everyone, and here's to a great 2018. And this year is going to be great for me, I will make sure of that. It's also going to be great for content updates, as I hope this month will prove.

First off, you'll have seen I've been quiet on the Power Rangers posts, having been missing the upload months I said they'd be done, and not even mentioning them last month. As I was writing the reviews the last two months - especially the Star Wars one - it made me realise where I'm going wrong in the Power Rangers posts. So rather than try and continue with the previous method, I've been working on modifying the latest post that should have gone up November [technically October] and it does seem to be working out. It's cut back on a lot of what I said I shouldn't be doing, and so the Look Inside the Morphing Grid post on Power Rangers Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive will be out this month.
Keeping with my blog, there is a very high chance of a Direct from Nintendo that should be bringing a lot of news with it. I'm also expecting this month to be when The Crew 2 gets a beta release, so both of those will be covered.
If a 2017 in Review post does come, this will be the month it comes. It won't come as two parts like the last time I did it, and it won't be full of things about the Switch, giving just enough about my year to be a good look at my 2017.

As stated last month, Pokémon: Shadow Boom will be brought over to WattPad, starting with the prologue on the original date it was first published six years ago, and that started this whole label off. Last year was the fifth anniversary of the label, and I don't really think I acknowledged that, aside from completing the rebrand from CDS to DarkRula. So what better way to celebrate the sixth anniversary than posting the first part of the first story ever started on the day it started. As explained last month, the entire story is going through a rewrite to expand on the story, trim some things down, aand give it a clear focus - which is something the earlier stories lacked.
Focusing on anniversaries, April will be the month when my third self-published book will be launched, and looking at what I plan for Shadow Boom, I think you know which date in April. The pre-release stuff will be starting next month for that third book, so be sure to look out for that in February.

Elsewhere, there's not much going on. However, this year is one where I want to push this label out more, get it recognised and build up a larger base of fans. Last year was the build-up to that, what with the rebrand, website overhaul, and self-publishing. This year I'm going to make better use of what I have and resources I can gain. If you are a fan already, I thank you for continued support. I might still be small, but every single thing helps. I hope 2018 is a great year to returning fans and new readers, and I can guarantee that this year is the one where DarkRula Media starts to shine brighter.