Sunday 3 September 2017

September '17 Monthly Update [Network]

After the slight delay with A Look Inside the Morphing Grid for August, I am confident that the next post will come in no time at all. With two of my favourite seasons of Power Rangers being covered within, I'm pretty sure no slacking will happen.
With Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles finished, I'll be putting a new story onto WattPad soon. Just as with Crossover Corruption and Alternate Extras, this will be a story that features nothing but short stories with an upload schedule not being fixed. Alternate Extras will get its next upload in October, with a new upload for Crossover Corruption in November.
The gaming post from last month that has yet to go up will be this month, and I'm hoping Nintendo announce a Direct sometime soon. There's info on a few games that are needed, including more about the Kirby 3DS game that's meant to be releasing in this third of the year.

This post is short and sweet, as I'm saving a few things for the last three months of the year. As ever, there could well be a surprise post or two pop up during the month. My excitement for both Star Wars Battlefront 2 and The Crew 2 has increased drastically since seeing new footage from Gamescom, so I hope I get the chance to show off some clips from the betas and talk about my experiences with them soon.