Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May '17 Monthly Update [Network]

Star Wars Day is almost upon as again, so May the Fourth Be With You, and may you take some Revenge of the Fifth. And straight off a new part of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles will be posted on that day. This story is reaching its conclusion now, and it is probably the most trying time for the characters. If you've listened to the audio, you'll know of one big event that happens, but it now makes more sense within the story, and has been extended into something I feel is powerful for both DarkRula and The Doctor. So, Dark Descents, May 4th. On WattPad.
And speaking of stories, last month I self-published to the Kindle Store a short novel. The Alternate Adventures of Halesowen is the first in what is to become a number of books self-published by me. Next up is something much longer, though I'm not saying exactly what. However, there is something related to Alternate Adventures that is going on WattPad that was mentioned in the post I made when the novel was first released. The Alternate Extras of Halesowen will feature some bonus content related to the stories within the main stories. I'm not going to touch upon Daniel and Max, but there are other things I will be touching on, such as that secondary group that only get a few mentions. To start it off though, the full versions of all three short films will be featured, as though each were meant to be within the main book. That will start on the 7th - a month after the book was first published.

Going back to Star Wars Day, I'm not going to be posting much content about Star Wars, but I really want to try to at least upload a game-related video of something. There might also be a post of something else as well.
A Look Inside the Morphing Grid posted yesterday, as I had to cut a fair amount out of it. I had got a bit carried away at explaining too much of the episodes, and for In Space that became a problem as nearly every episode was mentioned in some way. To give an idea of how bad it was, the entire first paragraph was originally just the opening two-parter. For this month, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force are the focus, and having seen a few episodes of Time Force already, I'm looking forward to getting into these two.
It's getting closer to E3, with a month away. I've been toying with the idea of another What I'm Waiting For, but with E3 so close, there is every chance that I'll have a lot more choice. However, there are numerous gaming posts I can make. I will put some into action, and save some for July - especially those relating to the Nintendo Switch and its games. Why not June, you ask? There's going to be a lot of E3 content throughout that month, though I'm not saying anything yet.

As ever, there are things that haven't been mentioned here that I'll be doing, so stay tuned for everything. That's all for now, so bye for now.