Monday 3 October 2016

Ousting Chipped Teapots [Network]

Last month's update was big. This month there won't be much to say. Work continues on making WattPad the home of all my written fan-fiction, and the next part of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles will be uploaded as soon as possible. I also really want to get a proper cover on The Chameleon Chronicles, as there are now two published stories with proper covers. I will also be sorting out a proper banner for my WattPad profile which has the new name of DarkRula Media on it. The first story contained within Crossover Corruption was posted last month. Set on the morning Harry Potter is to return to Hogwarts, Professor Umbridge comes across something within the castle. A certain Zabrak Sith Lord. Will a fight erupt? Read Witch, Wizard, and Zabrak within the Crossover Corruption story on my WattPad profile - - as well as the aforementioned The Chameleon Chronicles and Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles.
If I do any gaming videos this month, I will post alerts about them on social media. I haven't got any planned for this month, so that is why I'm saying that. As for blog posts, I am certain that Nintendo will have to reveal the NX either this week or next. Six months is literally going to be the quickest announce to release period ever. Unless it has been delayed of course. It still needs announcing though. Also the final part of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles Look Back, Look Ahead will be posted this month, bringing a whole post of snippets about the future of the story. If any other blog posts come along, alerts will be posted on social media.