Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Agent Ultimata Grant [Network]

I covered the Star Wars Celebration event last month, but despite also mentioning the Sonic 25th party, I didn't cover it. Of course I'm happy we're getting two new games - even if both won't be released until next year. Sonic Mania looks to be an evolution of the classic games, and Project 2017 seems to be channelling Generations while still going its own way. However, the bigger reason why I didn't cover it was because I'll be at Summer of Sonic. I'll be able to give impressions of Sonic Mania from my own experience playing. I can also cover Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, and give my experience on the event as a whole, but I'm sure the main focus will be on Mania.
The Past, Present and Future post for Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles was cut in half - and possibly might even go into three parts - owing to the massive amount of things to get through. So for part 1 I put the focus into the audio project to keep all of that in one section. The past and present of the written fiction will be in the second part, and the future will fit in if I feel like there isn't enough to get its own part. As for the the next part of the fiction itself, that will be next week after returning from Summer of Sonic.
As for how I'm presenting the Summer of Sonic stuff... I'll be sure to capture what I can from the event and compile it, but I'm still wondering whether I could or should narrate over it. See, I'm sure I've said it before but my voice isn't exactly presentable on an audio format. I'm sure if you watch Jaz's vlogs of TheJazNetwork you might have seen me on one or two of them. I've been working on improving that, so you'll just have to wait and see. It could also be that I'll proceed with a narration anyway and see what you all think.
As for anything else, I'll let you all know when it comes up. That's all for now, so bye for now.