Wednesday 1 June 2016

Joyous Uneventful News [Network]

Don't know whether all the news is uneventful - what with E3 coming up once again - but keeping with the title creation from the first three letters of a month, I felt it appropriate.
First off, I recently managed to knock the 'i' from iDarkRula on my Youtube channel. I have no idea for how long I was able to make the change, but now that it is done, I feel better about it. When I first put the name of my account to DarkRula, I was unable to do so without the 'i' owing to another account of the same name - one, it seems, that wasn't being used. I could have just used the name DarkRula on all other mentions including the video opening, but it never felt right. Now the name without the 'i' is free, I took it. I use the name without the 'i' for everything else, now I can use it without the 'i' where it matters. Despite this, the legacy URL is still iDarkRula, and the account still shows as such in search engines. Hopefully that gets updated somewhere down the line.
The Chameleon Chronicles is now finished, and the look back post has been published. Chapter links have been added to the right-side panel. There is one last announcement for the story. In fact, for the stories as a whole. The Chameleon Chronicles has the honour of being the first story being uploaded to my WattPad account. So far just the first chapter and a placeholder cover are uploaded, but over the next few days I plan to get the final cover ready and the rest of the story uploaded.
Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles starts back up this month, and I held off on the Past, Present, Future post until this month so each story got it's focus on each month. The Past, Present, Future post will start the story back off, and the Qiilura arc continues later on.

For game related things, the Star Wars Battlefront video will be up this month after managing to record at the tail-end of last month. The blog post relating to LEGO Star Wars either will or won't be posted. With less than a month away, I want to cover it in some way, but there doesn't seem to be a need to go into much detail about what I would like from it now the advertising for it has increased.
As mentioned at the start, E3 is coming up, and I'll be doing my regular posts. Things will be a bit different though, since EA will have their conference first due to not actually attending E3 itself. Instead they have their own convention set up for people to attend, and a conference earlier than they usually hold it, a day before the others. Nintendo are also on a bit of a different path, as the only thing being showcased with them is the new Legend of Zelda game. There has to be other games too, but the main focus is on Zelda with nothing else announced. And unless they do a surprising twist of events, the NX will be nowhere in sight.

Keep an eye on the posts, they will be coming. That's all for now.