Sunday 1 May 2016

Marking Arty Yachts [Network]

April has been a busy time. With projects to complete for uni, nearly everything else has been sidelined. The deadline is fast approaching, and all that work has now been finished. So normal service resumes here.
The first thing that will happen is everything I said would happen March that didn't will happen here. As a reminder, that includes:
-looking at LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and what could happen within it.
-a post about The Chameleon Chronicles that looks back on it and giving some thoughts upon it.
-the past, present, and future of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles
-videos on both GTA Online and Star Wars Battlefront EA

If I can get through all of that, then there might be other things as well. However, that's not to discount the work I have been doing for university. The main piece of work will be uploaded, and the other piece will follow. There will also be a showreel that will feature some of my works.
This has been a small update, so keep a look for the content.