Tuesday 1 March 2016

My Awesome Rattata 16 [Network]

Hot off the 20th anniversary celebrations for Pokémon, new games in the series have been announced. Sun and Moon are still a mystery, but have fans wildly speculating already. It will be fun to see more when they finally get shown off, to see whether the guesses of the content were right or wildly off the mark. As part of this month, I will also be covering the game as part of series of posts I will be doing.

Those posts are to look at my three core franchise likes, and what I feel can be done with them [or what I'd like to happen] to see them become stronger. Now, those three topics will be very of my own opinion, so I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with me on what I might cover within them. Pokémon will be up first, and I will have it up by the end of the week.

This month will be flooded with blog posts, as I move through a few topics. As stated last month, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens had been announced, and that will go under the Star Wars post as part of the core franchise posts. I want to give it a bit more of a general LEGO looking as well, and specifically what it could do to set itself apart from other LEGO games, and what from other games could actually work within Force Awakens.

There will also be two blogs covering two of my fictitious works. The first will cover The Chameleon Chronicles, and as it soon comes to an end I wanted to look back on it and give some of my thoughts on crafting the story. The second post concerns Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles, which will cover past, present, and future. As one of my longest running fan fiction works, this post will look back at a brief starting, the audios that were made in conjunction with TheJazNetwork [Paradox Audios], as well as creating the rest of the audios, the start of the fiction, and how that evolved over time. It will also look at the current arc [which will be back in progress soon] as well as what events come up in the future for DarkRula and The Doctor. Without giving too much away, of course.

As for new videos, I have a few more GTA Online races to show off, though I won't do them all at once. I might also open up some of the races to showcase the actual racing, rather than just driving the course myself. Star Wars Battlefront EA recently had a free map added, and will have another one added soon, along with the first of the download content packs. I should be able to cover them, though depending on when they get released, that video might slip over into next month.

Sure is a busy month. If anything new gets announced during all of this, it will probably get busier. That's all for now, though.