Sunday 3 January 2016

Change of the Heart [Network]

A new year is upon us, and so are new logos across the network. As well as title cards on blog posts. The last part of the first section of uploads of Star Wars Battlefront 2's 10th anniversary videos should have been up last week. Instead, that will be tomorrow. A new GTA custom race video will be up as well, and I'll start showcasing the new Star Wars Battlefront after that.

The rest of the blog posts from the old site will be transferred over very soon, and in terms of the fan fiction, a full chapter will be uploaded this month. I will also have something else done on the website, but you'll have to wait until I announce that. If you think about my three core franchise likes, and look to the beginning of the website, and also think about a certain anniversary that is this year, I think you'll be able to guess at what that might be. I know I said last month I'd abandoned it, and while true for those months I never touched it, I also feel like doing more with it this year - even if it's just getting back to a regular posting schedule.

Any other blogs will come, since I don't have any planned except for my thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens - which again was delayed due to the holiday festivities. And what a film it is. Already taking the number two highest grossing film worldwide, it looks set to overtake Avatar and claim that top spot. And when it does, it deserves it. I feel it's that good.