Tuesday 1 December 2015

Return of the Busted [Network]

Yesterday I gave a retrospective on Star Wars Battlefront, and started off the tenth anniversary celebrations of Battlefront 2. Parts two and three of that will be coming over the next two weeks, and then some time after [in the next year] another two miniseries will look at the other two modes on the game.
Battlefront isn't the only game getting a look in, as another custom race GTA Online video will be coming soon. It's possible there will be two of those this month, possibly in the same video, as both have crossover with each other on a certain part.
For CDS Media, that place I keep my stories and such, well... it's pretty much been deserted by me. It hasn't had any new parts added to it in almost two months, and while I don't want to cancel the project, there needs to be some thought on what happens. I already know that the Animal Crossing story is being cancelled outright. As the newest of the lot, it feels as though there isn't much point continuing it. The Chameleon Chronicles is four chapters away from completion, so that will be priority. It's possible that chapters will be bulk uploaded instead of being in parts, so as to quicken up the process.
For everything else, I have a blog post lined up about something, as well as another volume of What I'm Waiting For. There will be something Christmas related, though I'm not sure what that is yet. And to make sure all blog posts are in the same place, all those posts from the Weebly site of CDS Blogs will be moved over to here and the old site closed off. It's just a bit of streamlining that won't take up any space on the main page.
That's all for now, and the new year is fast approaching. And a new year could possibly mean new changes for the network. Bye for now.