Saturday 3 October 2015

Rocking New Hope [Network]

You should know by now that Star Wars is my most favourite thing ever, and what with the number of things happening over the next three months relating to Star Wars, the names of this and the next two monthly updates will be dedicated to the original trilogy. In October we have the start of Season 2 of Rebels, as well as the Battlefront beta. November brings the full release of Battlefront, as well as the novel that bears the Battlefront name - Twilight Company. And of course, December brings the start of the sequel trilogy with The Force Awakens.
As I mentioned, the beta is out this month for Battlefront. Considering what I do best, if the conditions allow it, I will have impressions and a highlight reel up, just like I did for the Battlefield Hardline beta. From what I have seen, I can honestly say this one is bringing back a more arcade feel to shooters, and even if it is different to what Pandemic gave us, the game will more than likely be good regardless. If I do pick up any flaws with the beta, I will be sure to point them out in my impressions.
Aside from that, it really is business as usual. The GTA video went up a bit later than I said, I admit, but the video itself still showcases a custom race to a good standard. The next race I plan to showcase is a long one, but I don't want it split into two parts. Depending on what sort of action is available in it, I might speed the footage up a bit or segment it down to hotspots of action. We'll see. I'm holding off the Elite: Dangerous video until next year now. There's some good stuff coming for it soon that I feel holding off would be better.
As always, keep checking for story uploads on CDSMedia if you are following any of the fan fiction there. And as always, keep checking the rest of the network for updates.