Tuesday 2 June 2015

One Year This June [Network]

It really has been a year since I transferred CDS Blogs to Blogger. And what a year it was. And what a month this one will be. Before that though, thank you to each and every person who has read any post of mine. Looked at any video of mine. It does mean a lot to see the views come in.
Onto this month, and as I said - this month is a big one for the gaming community. E3. Over the years since I started covering them - in fact, even started watching them - each one has been filled with surprises and a great deal of info on new games. This year looks set to be the same, and I will be covering in the usual manner. One post a week before E3 starts with facts and hopes about the coming conferences. Any conference I watch live, you can expect a post to be up detailing what was in it. Then at the beginning of the next week, my highlights from the entire event, as well as covering some other things that I hadn't posted about.
Away from E3, I can't really say much else. Story uploads continue as normal on CDSMedia, and I'm planning on bringing back one of the stories that has little written about it half way into July. As per normal, any other updates will be posted about on the Facebook and Google+ pages, and there might be a small something extra coming soon.