Tuesday 5 May 2015

Moping May [Network]

The event I called Star Wars Month is at an end. Celebration Anaheim was a blast to follow, and the information we got out of it, as well as the trailers, was excellent. The Bad Batch arc is now online, EA announced yesterday that Battlefront will have twelve multiplayer maps, and just today Disney Infinity 3.0 has been announced with Star Wars content to launch it. On my side of things, I covered four games. Battlefront II, Republic Commando, LEGO Star Wars III, and Force Unleashed II. While I need a think about whether or not to continue the games [at least, continue coverage of them], Battlefront will at least still be going up on occasion. And when the new Battlefront finally gets its beta, I hope to be playing it, and putting footage of it up. But that probably won't be for a few months yet.

On CDSMedia, the story rotation is back to normal, so after a month of DarkRula and The Doctor, Krona, Zoin, and Espio will be back in the mix. While I don't have any new stories planned, I am thinking it might be time to bring one of those that I put on hold back into the fold.

In terms of other things for this month, there is a Nintendo Direct focused on Splatoon that I will be following, and posting info about here. Another animation will be uploaded within the academic section this month as well. Nothing else is set in stone yet, but there will be other things I will be doing.