Wednesday 1 April 2015

Aerial April [Network]

So, I said that I hadn't got most of the gaming related material posted, owing to the fact nothing at the gaming events interested me, and a Nintendo Direct didn't happen... um... last month. It happens today. Hopefully I can get full coverage of it, since I will be watching.
Now, owing to another event happening this month, and as I'm a massive fan of the franchise anyway, I'm naming this month Star Wars month. From today up to May the Fourth, I'll have numerous content relating to Star Wars, as well as what coverage I can of the Star Wars Celebration event itself. And there are numerous things I can be covering from the event.
Running from the 16th to the 19th, there will be many panels over those four days covering the wide variety of Star Wars products. Film, TV, books, comics, games, and many others will be around, and I'll be giving an overview of all what happened after the event is over, as well as going more in depth with anything I feel needs it.
As well as that, another Battlefront video will be on its way [maybe even more than one], and I'll cover other games. Not in any serious capacity, mind. Just for fun. What those games are, you'll have to see when I upload them. But I have numerous Star Wars games on PC, so I'm not stuck for choice.
Due to it being Star Wars month, the only story uploads on CDS Media will be of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles. I might even add a Star Wars related short to the website as well.
That's all for another monthly update, Star Wars content galore, but don't forget about the Nintendo Direct content in the next few days, as well as the conference itself, if you can.