Sunday 1 March 2015

Mainline March [Network]

The second part of the tenth anniversary of Star Wars Battlefront 1 video was just recently uploaded, making it just on the fringe of the end of February. And in terms of videos this month, I don't have any planned as of yet. However, the Game Developers Conference starts tomorrow, and runs until the end of the week, and there might be something announced I could do a video on. I am, of course, talking of PC game demos or betas. If anything gets announced that gets my attention, and I can do a video on it, I will be sure to. I'll definitely get a blog post up about anything announced that I find interesting. And with the GDC, I'm also hoping another games related event happens as well. I am talking about a new Nintendo Direct, where numerous games always get shown off, and one or two surprises get enormous reaction. I don't normally cover them, but this blog has yet to see any E3 coverage on it. E3 last year got absolutely no mention by me on the blog, and that was purely due to missing any chance to post about it. E3 takes place in June, each and every year. Last year in June, the transition from Weebly to Blogger took place for CDS Blogs. This year I will be posting the same as I did in 2012 and 2013. Predictions, any conferences I watch and what I liked about them, then a roundup at the end. So of course, to get back into that, a Game Developers Conference post will get me in the spirit of things to come.
On the website itself, you'll have noticed a slight colour change to match the background of the logo. There's not a lot to the change except to keep colours more consistent, and CDS Media might be following the same change soon enough.
As for other things this month, I've got two more blogs lined up, though won't reveal what they are about yet. I've also got another little something to post about, as well. I'm not going to say anything about that, yet, but will say the clue is coming up.
I finished a digital fan art picture I was working on throughout the week, featuring a certain agency from the Sonic-verse. I am talking about The Chaotix. Hardly ever have I uploaded anything to my DeviantArt since I created an account for it last year [or maybe 2013. It's been that long] that today I made a point of uploading something to it. With Team Chaotix in the name, this picture features the three members of The Chaotix - Espio, Charmy, and Vector - in what I picture as a snowstorm. Charmy, being the more playful, has a tea tray and has been sliding down a hill. The other two aren't happy with him. That's my interpretation of it. See what you think.
I'll be sure to keep you updated on all those secret posts, and other things, when they happen. But for now, that's it for another post.