Thursday 1 January 2015

A New Year News Cruise [Network]

So. Happy New Year, everyone. 2015 is upon us. There's not much to this update, but I'm covering a bit of new stuff.

First off, there'll be two 2014 Review articles being posted. The first will be my 2014 in gaming. It's a pretty big post, and as such I didn't want it included with my general 2014 review. The gaming review will be posted tomorrow, with the general review next week.

Other reviews. Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal [3DS]. I might also have one for Test Drive Unlimited 2, but since the game is a fair few number of years old, it would only be a small one.

I'll be back at university the middle of the month, and I'll be doing more work for animation. I might make a little something for original content, but we'll have to see. As for other video content - I'm sure you've seen both the Sonic World gameplay, as well as the latest Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer highlights. This month, I've got something planned, but won't say what it is.

If I have anything else planned, I'll be sure to update you on it away from one of these monthly updates, but for this main update - that's it.