Wednesday 3 December 2014

Delightful December [Network]

As I've always said, the UK holiday season begins on the first and runs to the first. December is when the decorations start to get put up, gifts sorted [although sometimes that'll be a month in advance], and the advent calenders start the countdown. And then we have that major event itself of the 25th. And then six days later the countdown to a new year begins, and the holiday season ends after the first of January. Why would I be saying this though? It's not like I have anything super special planned for you all. Well, in fact, I do. Or should I say did.
Over the month of November, I was thinking back on what I've achieved in animation so far. And roughly three years ago on that month, I was working on an animated Christmas card. That's all well and good, I thought, but my animation skills surely must have improved since then. So I decided to plan out a new one. And hopefully get it finished in time. I have an animatic of what it would look like ready, and I hope to make a start on it. But university deadlines call. I'm mostly sorted. I have less than half of the short animated piece left to finish, and everything else complete. If it does get fully completed this week, I can then move onto the Christmas animated card.
Now, onto other items. Last month, I said I'd upload footage of a fan game I enjoy. I kept putting it off, and am sort of glad I did. A new release came out for it, and I'll be rerecording to add some of the new stuff in. I also said I'd do a short animation that shows how bad my voice records. I've skipped that fully. I have other plans which I won't reveal this month. I also said I'd upload all that I did for the Principles of Animation last month as well. Well, I met the deadline, having uploaded it to Vimeo, but it's still not on Youtube yet. That should be soon.
The Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric review should be up in a few days, and the Pokémon Omega Ruby review should follow up soon after. Both should be a lot better than the Smash Bros one - in other words, a lot more organised.
I am seriously hoping I'll be able to add another Star Wars Battlefront match to my Youtube channel, but whether multiplayer or singleplayer, I have to figure out. And I suppose I had better mention I now have Battlefield 4, more in anticipation of the new Star Wars Battlefront than anything else. And it was over fifty percent off on Origin, so that wasn't something to pass up. Whether I'm really going to get any video footage of it up though, is something I'll have to see about. Probably not though.
And one last thing. Story uploads to the website will continue until the chapter of each respective story is finished. Uploads will continue again after the holiday season has finished.
Enjoy the month, stay tuned for uploads and content additions, and hopefully next year I'll have a lot more to say.