Monday 3 November 2014

Neverend November [Network]

Getting it out of the way first - the fan game video. I have the footage ready, and will upload it raw. No voice. I tried recording, and it just doesn't come out very good. At all. I'll do some basic animation and add a voiceover or something to that. You'll see what I mean. And speaking of animation, the Principles video should be uploaded this week. Next Monday is the hand-in date, so it will all be put together during this week.
The LAN Adapter shall be here this week as well, meaning MKTV videos should be restarting soon. In terms of games, I'll be getting Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Pokemon Omega Ruby. I know I said I'd cover Smash Bros last month, but I'll be covering Smash this month while the two other games mentioned will be covered next month. It allows me to explore the games more before giving my thoughts. And talking of Sonic Boom, the TV series starts in the US this month - in fact, this Saturday - so hopefully I can catch a livestream of that to give my thoughts.
Possibly the shortest update so far, but there's not much I've really got this month.