Monday 1 September 2014

September Starts [Network]

I know. I know.
I haven't carried out any animation during the last month, despite saying I would. Fact is, I've been busy with things outside and inside.
First off, I think any readers will have seen the new banner being sported on the website. The Chameleon Chronicles has its second banner presense, and this one shows the critical moment of Oreah's captures. Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles will soon be getting a banner designed by me, which is still in the planning stages. And talking of the website - though I have been making every effort to upload almost every day, Weebly itself has started giving me problems. It does seem server based, as things struggle to load when editing and a message of 'Failed to connect to the server' appears sometimes when I start editing. While it had reached a peak a few days ago, it has since settled down a bit, so over the next month, things should be fine. I hope.
September also brings something else with it. In two weeks, I'm back at university. I begin my animation course proper. I know I haven't had one bit of animation to show since I first said I would, but I figured if I do get anything done over these last two weeks, I wouldn't upload it straight away. I would wait, for maybe one or two more, depending on how long they are, that I make and upload them as one package.
And speaking of uploads, I know I haven't uploaded that sneek peak of the novel either. I'm going to wait for a while before doing that, not least because I want to check some things through before I do. All I will say is that the end of this month is when I expect it will be uploaded. And it will be uploaded here, rather than on the story site. Reason one - I want to keep it away from the fan-fiction on there. Reason two - I'm still not sure that Weebly itself has been compromised. In other words, whether the connection issues are targeted or not, and if they are planned ot accidental. I hope they aren't as that would cause problems, but I'm still going to remove some of those hidden pages to see if that eases it up any.
That about covers it, but last things. I am in the process of converting those stories that have a lot of parts into the right order. Instead of being latest first, the posts will be converted into actual pages instead of the blog posts. You can already see what I'm talking about with the first two acts of Doctor Who: The Star Wars Chronicles.
Also, durng my term at university, posts made to iDarkRula's MKTV might dry up. I have no idea how reliant the wireless is, and so it might be that my WiiU won't be connected to the internet at all. Yes, I know videos have dried up already, but considering how busy I've been, that's not surprising.
Oh, and sticking with Youtube, two more things and then this post is wrapped up. There is another Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer session soon to be uploaded. After that, the next game I'll be uploading footage for is a fan game. One of the best fan games I've played. But it won't be just the game, as I'll be testing out audio for the videos. In part, this is so the game footage is not alone. Also, it will benefit uploads other than games when it comes to my own works.
Remember, blog posts will still be uploaded here, but until next news update, I am out.