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[21/6/12] Crush 40: The Three New Songs
As I type this now, I am listening to the three song preview that Crush 40 have on their Youtube channel. To listen for yourself, visit the video here. The three songs, Sonic Youth, One of Those Days, and Rise Again, are something of a minefield of speculation.
The songs themselves sound great. Crush 40, as usual, have created three perfectly good songs, and I can't wait to hear them fully. The way I listed them above is how much I like them, Sonic Youth first. But talking of Sonic Youth, and thinking of Crush 40's relationship with SEGA, it seems we might be in for a treat. The song mentions other songs that Crush 40 have made, and all of them appear in Sonic games. This could be purely coincidental, but then Rise Again has the familiar feel of the Shadow the Hedgehog songs Crush 40 did.
Back to the songs, they will be performing them at Summer of Sonic, live. I would guess an album would soon follow, with these three songs, plus others that haven't been released on any albums yet.
One of Those Days sounds to be the cheery one of the group, much like Fuel Me. It also sounds like it will be like Fuel Me with the repeating chorus and just two verses, even though three other singers have a song of the same title.
As I said before, Rise Again sounds like it fits in with the Shadow the Hedgehog theme, when compared with Never Turn Back and All Hail Shadow. It might not sound it to begin with, but listen to the chorus of each one. Sounds similar.
And of course, Sonic Youth. The most weirdest of the lot, referencing their own songs, and even their own name. "Crushing 40 all the time," sounds a bit weird but it still fits with the backtracking of other songs.
And so, one last time, the songs themselves sound great, from what is in the preview, and I can't wait to hear the full versions.

[1/3/13] The Music of Video Games
We all know how it goes. Music is a part of video games throughout everything, from those artists who exclusively focus on video game music, to those who just want better promotion, the songs and music of video games is what makes them work.
Imagine blasting through Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone without the iconic theme. Same goes for the original Super Mario Bros. We may not think about it when actually playing the game, especially during intense moments of play, but when we have time in the game to just sit back and enjoy the music, you can understand why it's there.
It could be for many reasons. To create atmosphere in the level, to link the characters with the stage, or just for the plain reason of having something there and not just sound effects. There are many games that do this, most common of which are racing games. In fact, with racing games, it has got to the point where it's not just music in the background, but to a certain extent, you can control the music that plays. Forza Horizon - change radio station by using the D-Pad. Need For Speed Most Wanted [2012] or Burnout Paradise - access the menu and select which songs you want from the selection. Or there's the way Gran Turismo 5 does it. Use your own playlists on the console itself. Arcade racers like Mario Kart obviously wouldn't do this, as the music gives their tracks personality.
And then, with the likes of Youtube, we can access the songs away from the game. As I type this, I am listening to a custom playlist of Sonic songs varying between the Adventure series, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Heroes. You can also get CD's full of songs from games in Limited Edition collections, or as standalones, in certain countries.
If there wasn't music in video games, I expect we wouldn't have such an iconic fanbase for the games of some series.

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